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NFL - Fantasy Football Draft Tools

Business need A dynamic and highly visual and interactive set of applications to help the NFL Fantasy Football league subscribers draft players, set up and manage their teams, and view live stats and video highlights from their fantasy games.

Solution A set of Flex based modules that enable NFL online subscribers to create teams and view statistics dynamically.


Syniverse Customer Multi-Application Portal

Business need Create a better, more dynamic, more visual way to monitor network utilization, billing, and business metrics.

Solution A Flex based RIA (Rich Internet Application) that enables clients to create a custom portal to view and drill down on a library of 100+ legacy applications.


Intuit Smart Routing Solution

Business need Provide Intuit QuickBase users with the ability to organize and map their QuickBooks customers, optimize driving routes, and navigate more efficiently.

Solution Yahoo! Maps APIs enabled Mashup improves productivity and lowers the cost of drivers using TomTom GPS unit.


Gomez Live Web Analytics Monitoring

Business need A real time tool that would enable client executives to monitor network KPIs and marketing campaigns with massive data streams.

Solution A configurable dashboard of key indicators with advanced charting and drill down capabilities. All indicators were represented as movable pods within an extensible framework.


CBS Interactive media reporting

Business need Provide advertising partners with a rich online interface to help them monitor their advertising campaign metrics.

Solution A Flex based RIA (Rich Internet Application) that allows partners to build customized reports using a multi-step report generation wizard.


Celtrak Telematics Fleet Monitoring

Business need A next generation Fleet Monitoring dashboard with advanced real-time data visualization capabilities.

Solution A rich, intuitive visually compelling global monitoring system for operators of climate controlled vehicles using Google Maps location-aware APIs..


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Multi-Platform Dashboard
Built using Apache Flex & Sencha ExtJS

The WASI Dashboard provides a unique, powerful and intuitive way to organize, view and interact with multiple Rich-Internet Business Applications.

Users can create custom views of multiple applications. Views and applications that can be dynamically and intuitively added, removed, reorganized and managed by one of multiple user-selectable layout managers.

The WASI Dashboard can be deployed across multiple platforms and devices; Desktops, Browsers, Android™, Blackberry® or iOS.  Watch our video.

Enterprise ready. Our WASI Dashboard Server provides a robust set of administrative and security services for enterprises that require advanced IT management.

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